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Flextreme Silver54

Flextreme Silver54
Flextreme Silver54
Flextreme Silver54
Flextreme Silver54
Flextreme Silver54
Flextreme Silver54
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Flextreme Silver54
Flextreme Silver54
Flextreme Silver54
Flextreme Silver54
Flextreme Silver54
Flextreme Silver54
The Flextreme Silver54® basketball system is perfect for families that have a lower budget but still want to have fun with our adjustable system. An innovative single canister quad spring, lift-assist mechanism neutralizes the weight of the backboard. This allows players of all ages to effortlessly adjust the height anywhere between 6' and 10' with the simple turn of a handle.

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Flextreme Silver54
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FREE Pole & Gusset Pad ($249 Savings)
FREE Backboard Edge Pad ($249 Savings)
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  • Model: Silver54
  • Weight: 436.00lb
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Available Options

Fully Adjustable from 6' to 10’

Everyone gets to play! Young players get a head start at the 6' rim height. Designed for easy installation without ladders or special tools. Easy and precise adjustments to any height between 6' and 10'.

Effortless adjustment

The Flextreme Silver 54's powerful lift-assist mechanism neutralizes the weight of the backboard allowing a 6-year-old child to easily adjust the system.

Regulation Size Backboard

Constructed of ½“tempered glass which creates an authentic rebound feeling, in fact it’s identical to the backboards used in the NBA.

Sturdy 5" x 5" Pole

One-piece construction of 7ga. (3/16”) rectangular steel. You won’t find anything this robust on any other hoop system.

Regulation Overhang

The 3' overhang keeps the pole out of the way and allows for regulation play.

Safe, Enclosed Adjustment Mechanism

A fully enclosed adjustment mechanism and high-quality safety padding (included) keeps players and others safe from all moving parts.

Relocating ?

Simply unbolt the system and install it at your new home.

Easy Self-Installation

Do-it-yourself or hire a professional installer. Rated easiest installation by top assembly professionals. Product Manual available to download.

All-Weather Design

Rated for hurricane force winds and extremes in hot or cold temperatures.

Precisely Calibrate the Rim Height

The rim height indicator is applied to the pole after the pole mounting concrete has set to ensure accurate rim height measurements.

Lock the System at Any Height

The height gauge is conveniently mounted to view the rim height while adjusting for accuracy and ease in setting precise heights.

Simplest Adjustment Available

Turn the handle clockwise to go up, counter-clockwise to go down. When you reach the height you want, stop turning. It's that simple! Handle is easily removed for safety.

Accessible Adjustment Handle for All Players

The adjustment handle is mounted at 3' from the base, a height that players of all ages can reach.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Covers all basketball play including dunking and hanging. See the limited lifetime warranty details here.

Backboard Frame Material Aluminum with steel reinforcement
Backboard Frame Size 2" with ¼" thickness
Backboard Material EVERCLEAR™ ½" thick Tempered Glass
Backboard Padding Included. Custom fitted weather resistant polyurethane-skinned 1" thick high-impact padding with molded steel inserts for mounting. Pre-installed.
Backboard Size 54" width x 36" height x 2 ½"thick
Glass To Frame Mounting Mechanically encased in channel with foam gasket
Rim Mounting Type The Glass is laser cutted around the frame. No pressure on glass. A rubber gasket is between the Rim and Frame.
Upper Parallel Linkages 1" width x 2" height x 58" long
Main Extension Arm 69" length x 11" width x 3" height. Has two cross members
Overhang 3' (front of pole to front of backboard)
Adjustable From Anywhere between 5' and 10'
Adjustment handle height from base 3' from base
Lift Assist Cartridges 1 cartridge, 4 springs
Lift Assist Power 250 pound-force per square inch (PSI)
Flanged Base Size 12" x 12" x ½"
Gussets 8 of them! each ½" thick
Pole / Gusset Padding Included. Custom fitted weather resistant vinyl covering with 1" thick high-impact padding
Pole Size 5" x 5" with 95" (7 gauge) thickness
Steel Type Structural (mild) carbon steel with .29% carbon and a density of 7.85 g/cm3
Lift-Gate Included
Scheduled Delivery Included
Service Included. R+L Carriers LTL Freight

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