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About Us

At Canam Hoops we provide our customers with a wide range of basketball hoop models in the format to match their needs, including regulation size adjustable hoops, a fixed model hoop perfect for your driveway, or a portable model for events and un-securable locations.

Our products boast regulation size backboards of half inch thick safety glass that carry a limited lifetime dunking and hanging warranty. Our backboards are 50% heavier and more durable than retail store brands to ensure a longer product life. Our hoops include standard features such as protective safety padding, break away rim and an enclosed adjustment mechanism. All Canam Hoops models are designed to provide the maximum backboard overhang, keeping players safely away from the support pole while enjoying the large playing zone.

Canam Hoops family of products provide a great way to stay active and instill a lifelong love of basketball for your busy family. A Canam Hoop will provide many years of activity and enjoyment for kids of all ages.